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Wisepilot v. 1.11
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Wisepilot v. 1.11

File Size: 533KB
Update Time: 2009-03-03
Description:     Wisepilot is a personal mobile GPS navigation solution. With Wisepilot and a GPS receiver you turn your mobile phone (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola), Blackberry?, PDA (HTC, Qtek, HP) into an all-inclusive navigation system with full-colour 3D maps and clear voice instructions while driving or walking. Use Wisepilot to find convenient parking, hotels, or the nearest restaurant. All maps, points of interests and other information, such as pan-European speed camera locations, are automatically kept up to date in Wisepilot. With Wisepilot on your mobile device you always carry with you a reliable GPS navigation and map solution. Doní»t be late for another business meeting because you doní»t know the way. Impress your friends or customers by finding that Italian restaurant without problems. Get to the airport in time to safely check in and return the rental car. Wisepilot can save you time and money. It will make travel by car in both foreign and known places much less stressful. What is new in 1.11? Highlights of the new Wisepilot version 1.11: - Weather - Weather forecasts for any location. - Local search - Get powerful local knowledge with Wisepilot. - Trip report - Save your trips and create travel reports on the web. - NAVTEQ Map Reporter - Quality map error reports directly to NAVTEQ are only 2 clicks away. More information about the new release, click here What do you get? - GPS Navigation always at hand with 3D maps and clear voice instructions on your mobile device. Forget carrying around bulky and theft-prone navigation devices. - Always updated without hassle. Wisepilot always gives you access to the latest available information and maps. - Inexpensive, easy to install, use and maintain. Keep your mobile workforce equipped with easy-to-use navigation without spending a fortune. More supported handsets and languages can be found on
  Wisepilot v. 1.11