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IntelliGolf Eagle GPS Option / Blackberry 9.20
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IntelliGolf Eagle GPS Option / Blackberry 9.20

File Size: 1200KB
Update Time: 2009-04-11
Description:     The IntelliGolf Eagle GPS Option adds "GPS and Bluetooth" support to your existing IntelliGolf Birdie edition version 9.x software for Blackberry-based smartphones. It is perfect for use on the Blackberry 7100-series, 7700-series, 8100-series (Pearl), 8300-series (Curve), 8700-series, and 8800-series of handhelds. If you own an IntelliGolf compatible Bluetooth-based GPS receiver (click here) or GPS-enabled Blackberry smartphone (e.g. BB 8800, etc), you will surely want to add the Eagle GPS software to your existing Birdie edition version 9.x installation. It will provide you with the ability to view distances and track shots from tee-to-green with GPS accuracy on your handheld/smartphone.
  IntelliGolf Eagle GPS Option / Blackberry 9.20