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Italian - Spanish Phrasebank S60 3rd Edition

File Size: 462KB
Update Time: 2009-03-18
Description:     A complete Oxford phrasebook with over 3,000 current "survival" expressions in Italian and Spanish to help travellers and make their trips more comfortable and enjoyable. With an easy-to-use graphic interface separate icons link to topics covering a common travel situation. This Italian - Spanish - Italian phrasebook is based on the Oxford Phrasebank, specially designed for travel reference. The phrasebook features translations of core vocabulary from Italian into Spanish and from Spanish to Italian, and consist of a Phrasebank in both languages and a Italian - Spanish - Italian Wordbank of core terms. Phrasebank Coverage of 3,000 base phrases (per language), 5,000 expanded phrases (excluding templates) and 20,000 expanded phrases (including templates) Compressed format reducing storage space for phrase variants 9 topics/15 subtopics Extension of selected phrases using 12 template lists Topics - Diversions, Eating Out, Entertainment, Hotel, Money, Problems, Tourist, Transport, Miscellaneous Templates - Body Parts, Cardinal Numbers, Clock Time, Colours, Currencies, Dates, Days of Week, Languages, Months, Nationalities, Ordinal Numbers, Places
  Italian - Spanish Phrasebank S60 3rd Edition