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Time and Calendar

Top  Tools
World Clock v0.9.57
Prayer Times Athan and Qibla v2.02
MegaClock v2.1
TikTok v2.24
PalmTea v1.2
Having a weekly schedule? Set alarms once - always wake up on time! v1.0
TimeLog 2.2
CheckPoint v1.0
WomenDay v1.4
Shadow Plan
TreoHour v5.7
Clock Deluxe v1.40
Time Maximizer 2.11
Clock+ 3.7
Due Yesterday 6.3.1
RaceSched 1.4
Ramen v1.4.1
WeekUp Alarm Clock Lite 3.0
R.Watch v1.0
Speeder v3.1
Foto Timer 2.2.1
Advanced Time Reports Palm 7.5.55
STime 5.1
Agendus for Palm OS Standard Edition 13.03
Today 2.5.6
Agendar Pro Calendar v1.0
HandClock v1.0
TreoSkey v1.7
Phoon v2.4
Mobile Dates 1
QuickClock - Logo Edition 1.0
ClockAT v1.0
Dates! v1.80
Speech and Debate Timekeeper v2.1
ThinkSync 1.0
CityTime 5.8.4
Date Wheel 3.02
Mini Inventory
WorkWeek 2.2
Agendus Professional 13.03
Doing 5.0
Rebate Tracker 4.0
Mini TimeClock
Times 2.3

Soft Name Update Time
Speech and Debate Timekeeper v2.1 2009-04-06
Speech and Debate Timekeeper is a multi-platform timer for speech and debate competitions. It has...
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

Phoon v2.4 2009-04-06
Phoon graphically displays the phase of the moon (either near or far side), along with additional...
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

Speeder v3.1 2009-04-06
Program used to determine how fast a car is moving by timing how long it takes to go from piont A...
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

R.Watch v1.0 2009-04-06
Analog clock for Palm devices displaying the time, date and battery
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

Dates! v1.80 2009-04-06
calculates the days an weeks from one date to another
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

TreoSkey v1.7 2009-04-06
TreoSkey enables you to use the Treo Side Keys to Scroll and Select. TreoSkey maps the following ...
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

TreoHour v5.7 2009-04-06
TreoHour is a small chime application that causes the Treo to emit audible beeps every quarter ho...
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

HandClock v1.0 2009-04-06
Analogic clock, elegant and sober for your Palm. For handheld color.
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

PalmTea v1.2 2009-04-06
Palm Tea is a timer for your Palm, that s been specifically designed for measuring the time neces...
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

CheckPoint v1.0 2009-04-06
Start the timer... You know your speed? CheckPoint will give the elapsed distance! You know the d...
Soft Directory:Time and Calendar 

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