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Terjemah AlQuran Lengkap
Kamus Lengkap v4.0
Quran Reader English Translation v4.33
Spain2Go Talking Phrase Book (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith Pro For Mobile Phones v2.3
MinuteSaver 1.03
Korea2Go Talking Phrase Book (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
Guitar Trainer 1.1.7
Enterpreter v1.15
Italy2Go Talking Phrase Book (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
Larousse English Spanish Dictionary (BlackBerry) 1.1.10
France2Go Talking Phrase Book (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
Pack of Oxford Dictionaries
TranslatorPlus Online Translation Tool
China2Go Talking Phrase Book Cantonese (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
Russia2Go Talking Phrase Book (Blackberry) 3.1.10
English German Dictionary (BlackBerry) 1.1.10
The Cocktail Book
HNHSoft Larousse English Italian Dictionary (BlackBerry) 1.1.10
Spanish Dictionary for BlackBerry 5.0
Hebrew Dictionary for BlackBerry 4.1
Pack of Oxford Dictionaries 2.1.5
English-Chinese Dictionary (BlackBerry) 1.1.9
AlMoumin for Blackberry
German Dictionary for Blackberry 5.0
Japanese phrase book for BlackBerry 6.0
Arabic phrase book for BlackBerry 6.0
Chinese phrase book for BlackBerry 6.0
Germany2Go Talking Phrase Book (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
Japan2Go Talking Phrase Book (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
BEIKS Dream Meanings Dictionary for BlackBerry 5.0
World History Trivia & Exam Prep (Blackberry) 1.2
US History Trivia & Exam Prep (Blackberry) 1.2
BEIKS English Dictionary and Thesaurus Bundle for BlackBerry 5.0
French Dictionary for Blackberry 5.0
English-Chinese Dictionary 1.2
Kama Sutra 1.0
Kamus 2.0.4
Pack of Duden Dictionaries
Wattpad - Read and Share eBooks
Paramedics English-Spanish translator for BlackBerry 5.9
SlovoEd for Blackberry: Pack of Portuguese Dictionaries 2.0.1
Russian Dictionary for BlackBerry 5.0
Turkish Dictionary for BlackBerry 5.0
Italian Dictionary for BlackBerry 5.0
Salat (Prayer/Salah) Word for Word Translation 1.00
China2Go Talking Phrase Book (BlackBerry) 3.1.10
Pack of Merriam-Webster Dictionaries
Poormans Law Dictionary -- simplified guide to everyday legal terms (Blackberry edition) 1.2
Stedmans Concise Medical Dictionary for Blackberry by BEIKS 4.0
BEIKS Talking English-Spanish Phrase Book for BlackBerry 6.1

Soft Name Update Time
922-102 - Nortel Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Configuration 2.0 2010-09-10
922-102 - Nortel Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Configuration is a practice exam that will...
Soft Directory:Education 

English Arabic Dictionary - Lite 1.0 2010-09-10
This is a travel dictionary that will help you translate English to Arabic with ease. Copying a w...
Soft Directory:Education 

ICE Book Reader Professional 9.0.2 2010-09-10
ICE Book Reader Professional is the ultimate e-book reader and MP3 creator. ICE Book Reader Profe...
Soft Directory:Education 

MobileMaths 2.0 for LG B2000 2010-07-26
MobileMaths is the most powerful mathematical tools for mobile phones.
Soft Directory:Education 

Quran Word for Word in Arabic and English 1.00 for LG B2000 2010-07-26
Read the Quran with Word for Word Arabic to English Translation on your phone.
Soft Directory:Education 

Allahs 99 Beautiful Names Asma ul Husna 1.00 2010-06-09
Read, search, memorize the 99 Most Beautiful Names of Allah on your Mobile Phone
Soft Directory:Education 

Salat (Prayer/Salah) Word for Word Translation 1.00 2010-06-09
Its word to word English Translation for FREE.
Soft Directory:Education 

Periodical Table 1.0 2010-05-13
Cool periodic table for your BlackBerry.
Soft Directory:Education 

DipCalc 1.0 2010-05-13
Cool Dip calculator for your BlackBerry.
Soft Directory:Education 

AppClock 1.0 2010-05-13
Cool realtime Analog clock on the HomeScreen.
Soft Directory:Education 

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