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Valencia Metro

File Size: 1831KB
Update Time: 2009-08-20
Description:     Do you want to know how to reach any place of Valencia with the subway? Or do you want to know which is the closest subway station? Hence, use Valencia Metro, the iPhone app that helps you with all these stuffs. Valencia Metro is your guide in Valencia. It is designed around an innovative and efficient routing algorithm (created by iNVASIVE CODE) to quickly create your travel plans using the subway of Valencia. Using Valencia Metro, you can easily reach your business meetings or your touristic targets. Valencia Metro lets you save your preferred and itineraries in your iPhone, rearrange them in any order, visualize them, and add to or remove from a personal list. You can find the closest subway stations to your current position and your destination. The location of each station has been carefully remapped for the Valencia subway. This will provide you a better accuracy. When you launch it, Valencia Metro allows you to choose the origin of your travel from a list of stations or suggests you the closest stations to your current location in Valencia.
  Valencia Metro